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MATC stands for Quality Innovation Reliability

Our Vision
To become the Leading Scientific and Medical Group in Cyprus and one of the best in Europe.

Our Mission
To Support the offered Medical, Nursing, and Paramedical Services and
Elevate them to the highest possible level of quality.

Our Values
We are Committed to Quality, Developing Innovation and continuous effort for Progress.

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Medical Oxygen Longfian

We are very proud to announce that our Group is the exclusive representative of LONGFIAN in Cyprus, a company that leads the world in the field of oxygen therapy.

Turn All® Lateral System M40 (ΕΝΟΙΚΙΟ)

Automated lateral repositioning system to prevent skin pressure ulcers:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fit under the mattress of any conventional bed
  • Support and lift up to 30 ° on one side and 5 ° on the otherο στη μια πλευρά και 5ο στην άλλη
  • Monthly rent  
KΑdermin Spray

World-renowned innovative spray for treating skin lesions:

  • SCX complex with silica
  • Active ingredients: silver ions, chlorhexidine, hyaluronic acid and kaolin
  • International patent
KAdermin Cream

World-renowned innovative spray for immediate treatment of skin lesions:

  • Apply directly to the wound
  • Pain relief
  • It works quickly and efficiently
  • Active ingredients: silver ions, chlorhexidine, hyaluronic acid and dimethicone
  • International patent